Are You Ready for GDPR?

Again my favourite Business Daily programme.
Note how you can extract vital collocations even from such an apparently common episode.

Are You Ready for GDPR?
New data protection rules are due to take effect in the European Union on 25 May, and complying with them is proving to be a headache for businesses throughout the world.

Manuela Saragosa speaks to two small British businesses struggling to meet the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation. Jo Bausor of the Henley Festival of music and arts says she has actually benefited from culling back their database of client contacts. But life coach Clare Josa says it is costing her an arm and a leg to audit all her clients’ digital data trails.

Meanwhile Wim Remes of data consultants Wire Security explains why the new European rules have led to a flood of enquiries from clients in the US and elsewhere around the globe.

Are You Ready for GDPR PDF

to redesign the system
to shut up shop
to fret over sth
to review the policy
to spell out sth
clearly distinctive
the right to erasure
to delete data
to protect the consumer
to sign up for sth
cold calling
not that I’m aware of
to make available to sm
to coincide with sth
to cleanse the database
to end up with sth
be compliant with
a one-man show
free opt-ins
to reconfirm a subscriber
to clear out your inbox
to whip up a frenzy
to get through to sm
to the level of required detail
a paper trail
to have budget behind sth
targeted marketing
on a technical level
to limit the exposure to data
to make sth usable
to generalise data
outside the EU
to hold back and see
the data subject
to trigger an audit from sm
to set a standard to follow
in exchange for sth
to share info
to do a search on sth

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