Brexit and the City

‘Is one of the world’s mighty financial centres under threat from the damage done by the UK’s departure from the EU? Six weeks after the final Brexit divorce, Katie Martin of the Financial Times explains the short-term impact, and long-term implications. One winner is Amsterdam. Michael Kent, co-founder of Azimo, a digital payments firm, tells us why he’s opened an office there. And if the City of London is losing its allure, why are bankers so optimistic? We hear from the boss of Barclays.’

Brexit and the City PDF

I won’t take it the wrong way
to make little mention of sth
be cut adrift from the capital
a severe blow to sth
trading shares
derivative trading
to shift over to
a neutral venue
to tap into the investment base
to win out
to lag behind
when the rubber hits the road
a technology hub
savvy engineers

to streamline a process
to revive the city
be toast
to look stilted
regulatory alignment
be under way
to rekindle the relationship
to meet in the middle
a mass exodus of jobs
nowhere near sth
a trickle
wealth creation
to manage the flow of capital
be clustered around the bay area

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash