Can airlines survive coronavirus?

Travel restrictions and a slump in demand due to the coronavirus have forced airlines to cancel most flights and temporarily reduce staff. Will this mean a permanent end to the low-cost travel that many of us have become used to?
Travel expert Simon Calder joins the show to round up the latest industry news and what it means for travellers, while aviation consultant John Strickland explains why the airlines were so vulnerable to begin with.

Can airlines survive coronavirus PDF

to feel cut adrift
in a state of shock
on the brink of collapse
a nice-to-have
entry bans
demand for air travel
a would-be passenger
to head home
to self-isolate
ground crews
a cabin crew member
to help out
a swathe of cancellations
a fragmented landscape
state-backed airlines
to keep the business running
on the firing line
landing fees
to put on hold
to reverberate
to unravel
an onward travel
low-paid individuals
lobbying power
events industry
a haulage company
to cancel sth overnight
to survive on sth
to support income
gig economy workers
on the assumption that …
collapsed business
to hit the ground running
to keep sth alive
logistical costs
transport infrastructure
the cost to the economy
day in day out
the other end of the bill payment
a utility company

Photo by Asael Peña on Unsplash