Does sustainable investing make any difference?

“Is corporate social responsibility, so called “greenwashing”, really changing carbon emitting businesses or just making it look that way? Canadian businessman Tariq Fancy used to work as Blackrock’s Chief Investment Officer for sustainable investing. He tells Ed Butler why he thinks CSR isn’t a good enough tool to achieve a net zero economy.”

Sustainable Investing PDF

it’s all the rage
corporate social responsibility
in the face of the threat
a former insider
a titanic shift in sth
to design a sustainable portfolio
to spearhead a new investment philosophy
to re-allocate assets to sth
to drive long-term financial performance
to divest from coal-based stocks
to call on companies to do sth
to make a lot of noise
to fulfil duties
to have a social purpose
to change the course of sth
to reinvent capitalism
a departure from a consensus
to produce a better outcome for society
an unfortunate reality
to do the right thing
to focus on return
to achieve high yields
financially incentivised
have no leeway
to see sth first hand
rampant across the economy
to turn sth green
to align sth better with social goals
no demonstrable impact
to move money around the markets
to shift the needle of sth
detrimental to credibility
to slap a green label on sth
to advance social imperatives
a deadly distraction
to reassert the role
in a pursuit of profit
to play dirty
stakeholders’ capital
to put a price on sth
a blanket carbon tax
to peddle an idea
to come to the table
to look back on sth
to cast aspersions on sm
to sleepwalk
to slow critical action
to come at a cost
environmental credentials
be far behind sth
stringent measures

Photo by Patrick Weissenberger on Unsplash