Collocation transformations Overview

Collocation Transformations let you revise your knowledge of collocations through a series of over 300 sentences, grouped conveniently in 13 areas of law.

This is ideal if you want to:

  • revise your formal phrases
  • test yourself after any course
  • have contact with the language
  • enrich your formal vocabulary.

There is only one task for you: change an underlined part of a sentence into a more formal and better collocation. The answers are subjectively chosen. It is not possible to present all the options.

However, it is still a great starting point to test yourself.

Words of advice:

  • do the exercises systematically
  • you will spend up to 10 minutes on each
  • return to them after some time
  • make notes of your favourite phrases.

Wishing you productive revisions:)