Legal English Higher Level Overview

The Higher Level includes over 1000 phrases and is best for students:

  • at the upper-intermediate level (B2) and higher
  • with some basic knowledge of legal words
  • preparing for the TOLES Higher examination
  • to test more advanced legal phrases.

The Higher level has different exercises:

  • sentences with gaps
  • multiple choice test
  • definitions of formal words
  • sentences with prepositions to complete

Find more details about the types of exercises.

Check the Free Unit.


This level is for you if you want to:

  • revise fast for the TOLES Higher exam
  • repeat over 1000 legal phrases
  • have all the necessary legal words in one place
  • check how professional your legal English is
  • recall words faster when you speak or write
  • increase your active vocabulary.

Save your time and money.
You do not need any course books, formal courses or a teacher.

You buy access to Boost Your Legal English for 3 months. But you can prepare in 3 months or faster. You practise legal phrases in three types of exercises, grouped in 14 topic areas. Exercises are student-friendly and very effective.

Revise at any place, at any time and on any device: your computer, laptop or mobile phone.