Legal English Introductory Level Overview

The Introductory Level includes over 800 phrases and is designed for students:

  • at the intermediate level (B1) and higher
  • with no or little previous contact with legal words
  • as revision for the TOLES Foundation examination
  • to test basic legal words in context

This Introductory level has only two types of exercises:

  • sentences with gaps
  • sentences with prepositions

Exceptionally, Unit on contract law has also flashcards with definitions of phrases from contracts.

Find more details about exercises.

Check the Free Unit.


This level is for you if you want to:

  • revise quickly for the TOLES Foundation exam
  • repeat over 800 legal phrases
  • have all the necessary legal words in one place
  • find words faster when you speak or write
  • increase your active vocabulary
  • check how good and professional your legal English is

Save your time and money.

You do not need any course books, formal courses or a teacher.

You buy access to Boost Your Legal English for 3 months. But you can prepare for the exam faster.
You practise legal phrases in two types of exercises, grouped in 12 topic areas. Exercises are student-friendly and very effective.

Revise at any place, at any time and on any device: your computer, laptop or mobile phone.