Prepositions Overview

Boost your prepositions

– prepositions for lawyers and advanced learners

Prepositions are frequently the most problematic area for English learners. When you are unsure of them, then you hesitate, make pauses and mistakes. Prepositions are these tiny creatures in a sentence that can create a huge headache.

But despair no longer, help is at hand, or at the click of a mouse.

The exercises on the platform collect over 1600 prepositional phrases. They are grouped in 15 different areas of law plus additional practice units. The areas of law correspond to those required at the international TOLES exam.

Moreover, prepositions are better memorised if we create associations with the already known terminology. In this case prepositions appear after nouns, verbs and adjectives typical of certain legal topics.

There are two types of exercises.

  • There is one preposition missing in a sentence. You need to think of an answer and check it by clicking the box.
  • There is a gap in each sentence and two possible prepositions are given. Choose the one which you think is correct.

Find more details about exercise types.

For who:

  • students of legal, business and financial English
  • candidates for the TOLES Higher and Advanced examinations
  • legal and business professionals using English daily
  • advanced learners of English

The level:

  • these prepositional phrases are best suited for B2+, C1 and C2 students (higher-intermediate / advanced / proficiency levels)
  • the sentences can be mind-boggling and demanding
  • if you welcome a challenge, go for them

What prepositions and phrases:

  • the phrases come from the areas of law, business and finance
  • prepositions chosen are usually more troublesome for learners
  • all the sentences have been designed with professionals in mind
  • units with VARIA present more useful, everyday language phrases
  • the leading factor in this compilation is the level of difficulty

How you benefit:

  • consolidate your knowledge of prepositional phrases
  • improve your memorising techniques
  • recall phrases faster and use them confidently
  • practise with useful sentences in a professional context

How to work:

  • be systematic and persistent
  • do one section at a time rather than a dozen
  • start with any section of your choice
  • find your own time and place
  • practise on any device you wish

The price is PLN300.

go to the shop: Prepositions – Membership 12 Months.

The access to the whole collection of over 1600 prepositions is for ONE year.

Enjoy your practice.