One gap A

1) Please verify which provision applies our case.

2) Which Act focuses employees’ benefits?

3) A few new rules were put effect.

4) If you are in doubt, please refer section 5 of the Agreement.

5) The company is required law to submit financial statements.

6) This incident may give rise a constitutional dispute.

7) The Constitution takes precedence all other Acts.

8) The Regulations sets all the examples of unlawful activities.

9) This rule is not applicable our case.

10) The courts must abide precedents set by judgments.

11) The tax scheme was violation of the Tax Ordinance.

12) They finally became the signatories the treaty.

13) More powers should be delegated ministers.

14) Your conduct must be pursuant the wording of the Act.

15) More reforms will be carried in this area soon.