Gamestop: Is it really a case of David vs Goliath?

“What is Wall Street’s role in the surge in Gamestop’s share price? It’s been billed as a populist revolt against the financial behemoths of Wall Street: a global gang of small investors driving up the price of Gamestop shares, forcing losses on hedge funds. But is there more to this David versus Goliath story than at first meets the eye? Manuela Saragosa speaks to Alex Patton who trades in his spare time when he’s not at his day job in cybersecurity. She also speaks to former Wall Street professional Alexis Goldstein who now advocates for financial regulation and to Elizabeth Lopatto from the US technology website The Verge.”

Gamestop Is it really a case of David vs Goliath PDF

stock traders
pandemic boredom
a populist revolt
an amateur investor
a brick-and-mortar retailer
a struggling company
the market dynamics
from all walks of life
a surge in the price
to short the stock
to run into financial trouble
to take to demonstrating
to review the curbs
to advocate for sth
to add fuel to the fire
fiercely guarded secrets
publicly available information
through sheer volume
have the edge
insight into the order book
an uneven playing field
to democratise stock trading
financially sophisticated
be under fire
market sell-offs
a make-or-break moment
to trade on margin
be in for a big disappointment
to lose out
a change in the fundamentals
the sentiment has turned against sm
to execute a strategy
to learn a trick
a class action lawsuit
to win against Wall Street
to uncover the tactics

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash