Guy Hands on deal making and private equity

“Guy Hands, the founder of Terra Firma, opens up on the highs and lows and risks involved in deal making and private equity. From being bullied at school to becoming a household name, buying and selling businesses from cinema chains and pubs to waste management, aircraft leasing and green energy companies. We hear his side of the deal that turned sour, the acquisition of multinational music company EMI in 2007, and how his addiction to doing deals has affected his personal life.”

Business Daily Deal making pdf

to set out to do sth
to mythologise sm
a pin-striped suit
private equity
a serial entrepreneur
to clinch a deal
a candid account of sth
an income stream
a failing business
to revitalise sth
asset stripping
cash upfront
a gun to your head
reckless living
nerds at a computer
to monetise sth
to seize the business back
to lose your nerve
to go through litigation
to tot sth up
to live the deal
to encompass sth
to drop lawsuits
to come at a cost
to make a success of sth
depressive episodes
heart-breaking stories
to get bullied
to feel content
to make a difference

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash