Hong Kong, business and the national security law

‘Are Hong Kong’s days as a major financial centre now numbered? The end of the pandemic has seen renewed economic growth. But some say tough anti-Covid rules and anti-protest laws are undermining what was once Asia’s leading financial hub as thousands of people leave the territory.’


Business Daily Hong Kong pdf

to undermine sth
to dismantle businesses
to thrive on attracting talent
a business hub
be subject to prosecution
to put up a sticker
to get a temporary leave to settle
an enactment of the law
to override the common law
to toe the line
an arbitrary arrest
a contingency plan
to induce fear in sm
a media tycoon
to violate the law
to extend a privilege
to foment civil unrest
at sm’s own expense
operational challenges
to expand your presence
to exacerbate the situation
wealth management services
an inflow / outflow of sth
be locked in a trade war
brands based in …
to strategise
be caught in between a rock and a hard place
to enforce sanctions
to operate in a risky environment
to decline over time
to deplete
be appealing to sm
to open up to foreign capital
on a political side
have a meaningful presence

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash