How the pandemic feeds online trolling

“The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we behave on the internet. Online trolling is on the rise as people turn to social media to take out their lockdown frustrations.

Marie Keyworth hears from Lisa Forte, who used to work for the UK police’s Cyber Crime Unit and has faced online abuse herself. Virginia Mantouvalou says that a social media platform shouldn’t be viewed as “safe space” to express whatever views we wish. But isn’t one of the points of social media to connect with like-minded people freely? Marie puts that to Will Oremus, a senior writer for tech magazine OneZero.”

How the pandemic feeds online trolling PDF

to take offence
be glued to the Internet
to carve out safe spaces
a fiery woman
to lash out
to cause anxiety
to pick arguments with sm
to cause damage to
behind the anonymity layer
to take frustration out
to pick up on sth
to tear sm apart
a frenzy shamer
by all accounts
learning difficulties
an outlier
distasteful jokes
to damage the reputation
a worrying aspect
to engage in a conversation
in the public sphere
a moral arbiter
to unmask sm
hate speech
be compatible with
to harass sm
to pose a dilemma
like-minded people
the illusion of safety
context collapse
to facilitate speech
an absolute good
a turnaround
belated realisation
to belittle sm
to berate sm
to suspend a user
to get muted
be accountable to sm

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash