How to disagree

‘Michael Rosen and philosopher Darren Chetty explore ways of disagreeing that could help to unite us, and provide a more productive way of communicating in an increasingly divided society.’

How to disagree PDF

to come to a new position
be entrenched in your opinions
be polarised
in a social setting
to slide into caricature
be filtered into
to thrive on the spectacle
to cheer your side
on the borders of your ignorance
be sussed
there is more to it
an imperative to engage
a passive extension
a causal chain
to shove the book
willing to stay in the conversation
to move to the defensive
to walk away
to reassert your previous position
predisposed to change yourself
to feed our curiosity
to put your finger on sth
to lay sth out in a rational argument
an aspiring philosopher
a lived experience
be wedded to the idea
panoramic in knowledge building
a vantage point
an underexplored topic
an unelected spokesperson for sm
to feel embattled
to lose face
to look foolish
there’s a lot at stake
a fight for recognition
be treated with dignity
a parlour game
to ramp up
akin to sth
to recognise your own fallibility
to get derailed
to lose sight of the subject
to fill it up with guff
a filibuster
to build a shared understanding
to shine a light on sth
diversion tactics
a yearning for consistency
the internal logic of sth
to expose hypocrisy
a matter at hand
to dwell on sth
to think anew
to keep sth in place
a generous interlocutor
to block off the conversation

Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash