How to spot fake news

A former CIA analyst shares her tips on separating what’s true from what’s false. There’s been a lot of nervousness about the role of social media in the run up to next week’s US presidential elections with concerns over voting interference and disinformation campaigns from foreign actors. Cindy Otis was an analyst at the CIA for ten years and her job was to filter through information and weed out fake and misleading news. She has now written a book aimed at young adults called True or False: A CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News and tells us how fake news works.

How to spot fake news PDF

digital literacy
to create a stir
to blow the whistle
the flipside of the coin
to raise an issue
in the run-up to elections
to comb through the info
a covert action
terms floating around
to spread false news
targeted messaging
to hook sm
to pool a mass amount of data
state-run media
be slow in responding
to tell the difference
to play on your biases
a random account
partisan lens
fact-checking sites
resource constraints
have your hands full
to do mental gymnastics
cherry-picked information
to flood the system
a snippet of sth
a resilient population
at your fingertips

Photo by Filip Mishevski on Unsplash