Law in Action: False Memories

“Joshua Rozenberg examines the phenomenon of false memories and the impact they can have on courtroom testimony. Can our recollections ever be trusted fully? And, if not, how profound are the implications for the criminal justice system?”

Law in Action False Memory pdf

a backlog of jury trials
to lead to miscarriages of justice
a partial false memory
to identify red flags
leading or suggested interview practices
to implant a false idea in sm’s mind
to abuse trust
in a controlled research setting
to make things up to fill in the gaps
to make sense of the world
on the recommendation of a therapist
to put sm on bail
to bring charges
to build evidence
wrongly convicted of sth
to get to grips with sth
corroborative evidence
to shake sm up
to go according to plan
the default position
to take the view
to keep sth behind closed doors
to stick to the rules
to win sm over
a bitter battle over sth
a pushback
a safety valve
to react abnormally
in a nutshell
to allocate money
to set sth in context
through no fault of your own
appalling figures
to drop a case
the process of attrition
to wait for justice

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash