Lawyers’ salaries

“How does a $200,000 starting salary sound? That’s now the industry standard for newly qualified lawyers at big corporate law firms in the US and the UK. But before you sign on the dotted line consider that in exchange for your princely wage packet, 100 hour working weeks and being on-call 24 hours a day could be part of that deal.”

Business Daily Lawyers PDF

a highly stressful environment
standard starting salaries
a newly-qualified lawyer
be on call
be well rewarded
to top sth
princely sums
cold hard figures
coupled with the fact that …
private equity investment
debt finance
reluctant to make cuts
be understaffed
backlogs of work
to toil away
billed / chargeable hours
be in high demand
a medium-sized law firm
transactional work
to get the deal done
to pay astronomical sums
to reassess your priorities
immediate responses
to reach out to sm
staff retention
for months on end
to throw money at the problem
a massive shift in the attitude
working arrangements
hybrid working
to attract and retain staff
out of necessity
to test out a theory
a first-hand experience
overwhelmed by stress
a rite of passage
to fit sth in a schedule
to set stronger boundaries
to manage productivity
poor sleep hygiene
to suffer from sleep deprivation
to hit a wall
be allocated time off
to weigh things up

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