Legal Collocations

Individual words matter but collocations or phrases even more. Each sentence has the most frequently used and necessary expressions in each area of law.

If you learn the whole phrase, you memorise better and easier.

For example, you may say:

“We are going to sue you.”

but if you want to sound more professional and formal, rather say:

“We are going to take legal action against you.”


Why phrases matter

  • They are common and natural.
  • They make legal English different from general English.
  • You sound more professional when you use them.
  • They carry specific and precise meanings of legal concepts.


Where you find legal phrases

Legal phrases can be found in:

  • law textbooks
  • sample tests for the TOLES exams available on the market
  • legal English course books
  • professional articles and journals, both in print and online
  • examples of original agreements in English


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