London’s dirty financial secrets

‘How some of the world’s biggest banks are helping criminals launder money through the UK capital. The BBC’s Andy Verity describes what a major new leak of documents tells us about the flows of dirty money through financial centres. Dr Susan Hawley from the charity Spotlight on Corruption tells us why banks and regulators aren’t doing enough to stop it, and Tom Burgis, author of a new book Kleptopia How Dirty Money is Conquering the World, explains why money laundering is a threat to democracy and freedom.’

London’s dirty financial secrets PDF

money moved through the banks
at a stroke
leaked documents
a dodgy address
to pass through sth
a dead end
to sift through papers
to throw up red flags
obscure ownership
a fraud scheme
be wary of sth
to uphold rules
it is still the case
a high-risk jurisdiction
a dubious origin
great repute
on a multi-year journey
to combat money laundering
lack of enforcement
to cover your back
no resemblance to sth
be above the law
a lot on its plate
the cost is not fairly shared
to capture a public office
to seek legitimacy
to give sm a glimpse into sth
alignment of interest
an argument building up
to hold sth dear
to wield power
financial secrecy
a front company
a transformation away from sth
a byzantine financial system

Photo by Celyn Kang on Unsplash