Money management

Our habits and knowledge of finance explored in
“The financial literacy gap. Manuela Saragosa talks to US podcaster and writer Gaby Dunn about why millennials like her are so bad with money. Regan Morris hears the stories of young coffee shop workers in Los Angeles, and psychologist Martina Raue explains why having role models can help when it comes to saving money.”

Money management PDF

financial literacy
littered with decisions
save for retirement
to gain traction
to pass a bill
to downsize
be bad with money
flawed relationship
to pay off a loan
a steep learning curve
a vague idea
a savings account
gig economy
to piece together income
in isolation
to go through a crisis
to dodge sth
to turn a blind eye to sth
a head in the sand
to look out for yourself
to overstretch yourself financially
to conform to
a wealthy background
keep up with the Joneses
be dressed up for work
get a leg up
be in denial
a long commute
to eat out
out of necessity
to teach you the ropes
to set a standard
in an income bracket
social comparison
disposable income