Questions and Answers

Boost your Legal English has been prepared for candidates of legal English exams, e.g. the TOLES series. However, anyone who wants to improve legal English vocabulary may benefit as well.

Yes. The exercises show correct vocabulary from different areas of law. You can revise and learn more.

Yes. Boost your Legal English can introduce you to many correct phrases from various areas.

If you want to prepare for the exam, choose the same level. If the exercises are just for revision, choose the level of your general English.
You can find more about each level here.

No. Each level is independent. Each level has the phrases necessary to pass a given exam.

Yes. You can buy the access to the platform for longer.

Boost your Legal English prepares you best for the TOLES exams. That is why there are no areas like criminal law or international law, which are not tested in the exam.

The Introductory level has over 800 phrases in 11 Units, the Higher level over 1000 phrases in 13 Units, and the Advanced level over 1200 in 15 units.

Each level has a different number of legal phrases. Each higher level has two extra areas of law. Each higher level has more difficult sentences.

Yes, the phrases may be repeated. Boost your Legal English has collected the most frequently used phrases. However, on each level phrases may be used in different sentences.

The Introductory level: sentences with gaps, multiple choice sentences and prepositions missing.
The Higher and Advanced levels: sentences with gaps, multiple choice sentences, flashcards with definitions, transformations into more formal phrases, prepositions missing.
To find examples of exercises go here.

No. You can start with any Unit. Each Unit is independent. Boost your Legal English suggests this order because first Units seem a bit easier.

No. There are Free Lessons available on each level. Go here.

No. You do not need to buy any course book. The phrases to learn are in short and clear sentences.

No. You do not need any special course. If you have already used legal phrases at work, Boost your Legal English will prepare you for the exams.

You can have access to the level for 3 months. Prepositions for 12 Months.