Rethinking the future

A new episode brings the glimpses into the future.

“The 2020s will be transformational for humanity, according to the tech prophet founders of RethinkX, Tony Seba and James Arbib talk to Justin Rowlatt about their prediction that a confluence of new technologies – in energy, transportation, and food and materials production – could wipe out poverty and solve climate change in the next 10-15 years, and usher in a new “Age of Freedom” for our species.”

Rethinking the future PDF

a radical vision
tech prophets
be on the cusp of sth
a transformational upheaval
confluence of new technologies
to wipe out poverty
hazy vision
a distant utopia
a rapid energy transition
a futurological duo
slow and linear
to sweep away sth
to swamp sth within sight
to delve deep into sth
the system dynamics
a convergence of sth
battery-powered robot taxis
on demand transportation
a lifetime of a vehicle
road space required
one-for-one substitution
to engage in information warfare
distribution channels
to lock yourself in an echo-chamber
the building blocks
a solar-wind matrix
on the rooftop
precision fermentation
to make proteins
to wipe out animal agriculture
to move away from industrial structures
non-organic materials
extractive processes
to break sth down into
to cut out waste
be resource-efficient
to kick-start the conversation
to manage the transition successfully
to turn out to be benevolent
a dystopian scenario
a lot to take in
it’s well worth a read

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash