Rethinking time

“All our lives are ruled by time and it’s a fundamental part of our daily routines but what if we could make time go more slowly – or quickly? (…) And if we could make time last longer, what would be the most efficient way of using it? We get some tips from Laura Vanderkam a writer and speaker on time management. Plus, research scientist Christian Clot tells us about an experiment where all markers of time were taken away, including clocks, watches and sunlight – and what that could mean for how we live in the future (…).”

Rethinking time PDF

to slow time down
to use time wisely
to keep track of time
markers of time
all the time in the world
to come to a standstill
to trick your brain
to perceive time
the clock time
mind time
a series of snapshots/ clips
the perception of change
to receive impressions
be rooted in routine
an alien concept
to fall into a new routine
to let your time slip through fingers
time management
to make best use of time
external demarcations
to put yourself in a mindset
to delineate a day by tasks
guilt free
be mindful
be predicated on a notion
to acclimatise
timeless surroundings
to live in a fantasy
problem gambling

Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash