Terms and conditions of providing on-line services

1) General information

By using www.legalenglishboost.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website), you accept the Terms and Conditions which are available in its latest version at www.legalenglishboost.com and the Privacy Policy which constitutes an attachment hereto and is available at www.legalenglishboost.com

The Owner of the Website (hereinafter the Service Provider) is:

Legal English by Chojecka
Agnieszka A. Chojecka
ul. Dąbrowskiego 20/22a/5
60-839 Poznań, Poland

2) Technical requirements

To use the Website you need a properly configured computer with Internet access. Some functionalities are compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

3) User account

Only a natural person may be a User of the Website www.legalenglishboost.com
Setting up an account on the Website is free of charge. By setting up a new account, you gain access to the basic functionalities of the Website.

In the registration form the User must provide true data. Within 7 days of setting-up, you must activate your account by clicking the activation link provided in an e-mail.

To properly use the Website the User must immediately inform the Service Provider of any changes to their e-mail address by updating User account information on the Website.

One person must not set up several accounts, share or re-sell its account to another person.

Account name (login) must not be a word generally considered as offensive or violate somebody’s good name. It is prohibited to use as an account name any website address, words constituting trademarks or other words which may infringe third-party’s rights.

Good practice and safety
It is prohibited to use automated tools which upload or download data to/from the Service Provider’s servers.
The User must secure and protect confidential information such as password to the account.

Links in your messages
For your convenience links in the e-mails sent to you may contain parameters that automatically log you on your account. Therefore you should not share the content of such e-mail with other persons.

4) Payments and subscription

Type and scope of service
The Service Provider provides a website for learning English. On-line services include a free account on the Website and paid access to digital content. More information on paid services is available on individual product pages.

Payments for courses in subscription
Payment for access to a selected course is made in advance for a given period in the amount set in the price list or, in a special offer, in the discount amount specified in the terms and conditions of the special offer.

For persons ordering courses directly from the Service Provider, access to the purchased service is enabled as soon as we receive a confirmation from a payment operator that the amount due has been paid or as soon as the amount is credited to our bank account.

For individual customers, subscription period counts from the day when access to the service is activated. If the User already has a subscription for the given course at the moment when the service is made available to the User, the subscription period will be counted from the day when the previous subscription ends.
When the subscription expires, access to the paid course is blocked. The User has no obligation to extend their subscription or notify the Service Provider of their resignation.

Prices given at the website include VAT as applicable under Polish law.
To obtain a VAT invoice for the purchased products, please send us all necessary information (details of the transaction to be invoiced, name and address of the buyer, tax identification number).

5) Guarantee of satisfaction and compensation for Service interruptions

Your satisfaction is our aim. We make all efforts to provide smooth operation of the Website. Where it will be necessary to carry out maintenance works or upgrades resulting in Service interruption, we will do our best so that the interruption does not exceed 8 hours at a time.

In case of interruptions or significant difficulties in access to services caused by the Service Provider, lasting in total more than 8 hours in a calendar month, the Service Provider shall offer compensation i.e. extended subscription for the purchased services of a length equal to the period of time during which those services were not available, rounded up to a full day.

To obtain compensation, you must notify the Website (or its vital part) inaccessibility by the end of the calendar month following the month of the failure at the latest.

This warranty does not limit or exclude any Consumer rights arising from improper performance of the contract.

6) Intellectual property

Information, data and materials on the Service Provider’s website are protected with copyrights, trade mark rights, database rights or other intellectual property rights.

Content made available by the Service Provider in paid courses may be used only by persons who have paid the subscription for that given course.
We reserve the right to update the content of the courses on offer from time to time, to modify the content of the exercises and to delete certain elements.

7) Duration of the agreement and its termination

Agreement on keeping User Account on the Website
Agreement on keeping User Account on the Website is concluded free of charge.
You may stop using the Website at any time and delete your account using such option at Account settings page. Relevant application can also be sent by e-mail or mail to the addresses given at Contact page.

The Service Provider reserves a right to block or delete account of the User who fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

Agreement on paid language courses
Agreements on paid language courses are concluded for a definite period not shorter than one month, according to the offer selected by the User. Unless otherwise specified at the conclusion of the agreement, agreements are not automatically renewed.

Right to withdraw
You may withdraw from the agreement without giving reasons by submitting a relevant statement in writing within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract. The deadline is deemed met if the statement is sent before the lapse of that 14 days to the Service Provider’s address given at Contact page.

In the event of such withdrawal, the agreement will be deemed not concluded. The refund will be made immediately, no later than within 14 days. The money will be refunded in the same manner in which the payment was made unless you arrange with us another form of refund.

You may submit your withdrawal statement on the Form of Withdrawal provided as Attachment 3 hereto. The statement is deemed timely submitted if it has been sent before the lapse of the said 14-day time frame.

You may start using the Website before the lapse of the 14-day time frame for the submission of the withdrawal statement. The User accepts that the right to withdraw applies only if the User has not yet started using the purchased service.

8) Complaints

A complaint made by the Website User with regard to improper performance or non-performance of the service must include the following:
-name, surname and contact details of the person filing the complaint,
-name of the User account concerned,
-the subject matter of the complaint with grounds for the claim,
-signature of the person filing the complaint (if it is sent by mail) and the date.

The complaint should be sent by electronic mail to the e-mail address given at Contact page or by mail to the Service Provider’s registered address.

The reply will be given in the same form in which the request was submitted to the address indicated in the request.

The complaint will be investigated within 14 days of filing, unless applicable provisions require otherwise.

In special cases, e.g. where the complaint investigation requires unusual, specific actions or arrangements from the Service Provider, or where there are objective obstacles beyond the Service Provider’s control or fault, the time for investigation may be extended, however by no more than 14 days.

If it is necessary to receive from the User any additional explanations to investigate the complaint, the time frame for the investigation is extended by the time needed for the User to provide requested explanations.

9) Miscellaneous

The Service Provider reserves a right to modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time in compliance with relevant provisions of law. If Terms and Conditions are changed substantially, the Service Provider will notify the Users sending them a notification to the e-mail address linked to the Website account and/or sending them a system message on the platform.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions enter info force within 7 days from notifying the User thereof. If you do not accept the modifications, notify the Service Provider thereof immediately in order to terminate the agreement.

For all legal relationships arising herefrom, the governing law shall be Polish law.

– Attachment A to the Terms and Conditions: Statement-of-withdrawal
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