The Author

Hello, I have been an English tutor since 1998. For over 22 years I have been teaching English to business professionals. For over 18 years I have been designing and conducting legal English courses for law students, trainees, advocates, legal advisers, tax advisers, auditors and judges.

Since 2004 I have prepared candidates for and conducted over 100 exam sessions offered by Global Legal English Ltd. at all levels: TOLES Foundation, Higher and Advanced. I have always believed in teaching practical skills. One of my ground teaching rules is that after every lesson my student should perform better at work, be it drafting texts faster or communicating more efficiently at the negotiating table.

While preparing my students for the exams
I have always stressed that
legal collocations are the key to success.

Common legal dictionaries typically present a legal word in isolation, it may not be enough to use it correctly.

The common questions asked:

  • Is a phrase really frequent in this area of law?
  • Is it formal enough?
  • Is it British or American English?
  • Which adjective or verb or noun can go with it?
  • How to use it in a sentence?
  • Which preposition does it take, if any?


The main purpose behind “Boost your Legal English” is to collect legal phrases in such a way as to provide exam candidates, for the TOLES series or any other, with a handy and easy to use reference and study material.

However, if you completed the course some time ago and would like to revise what you still remember, you will welcome the challenge of user-friendly exercises and hundreds of carefully selected phrases.

Enjoy your revision

Agnieszka A. Chojecka