The great resignation wave

‘Has the pandemic encouraged more of us to quit our jobs? […] the US is about to face a wave of resignations, as many people re-evaluate what they want from a job after months of lockdowns. […] But Zeynep Ton from the MIT Sloan School of Management explains why there might not be a long-lasting shift in power from employers to employees.’

Resignation wave PDF

to quit a job
to face an exodus of workers
to keep hold of sth
to change the mindset
the driver of profits
to retrain as …
have a momentum
to reassess a career
to reinvent yourself
an unprecedented opportunity
in the coming months
to hit home
white-collar jobs
lack of appreciation for sth
lack of career progression
poor management
push factors
a toxic workplace culture
to simplify a life
to reflect on sm’s mortality
a pivot
to take a battering
to take a leap
to put a plan in place
to ease sth
to be triggered by sth
to accelerate the trend
be hard on sm
to retain the talent
to flinch at the thought of
to reassess the quality of a job
the top-down dynamic
employee empowerment
hybrid work arrangements
blanket advice
to energise sth
one-on-one conversations
to face restraints
boomerang employees
to minimise the payroll cost
a shortage of labour supply
the onus is on sm

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash