The Stigma of Great Wealth

“We explore the anxieties of the wealthy, and the mentality of conspicuous consumption, which is about more than being discreet about high-end purchases. (…) We hear more about the anxiety associated with wealth, both earned and inherited, including the constant need to seem ‘normal’, and justify funds.

Stephen Lussier, a chief executive from diamond company De Beers, tells us about the changing buying habits of some of the world’s richest – including the increasing number of women who prefer to buy their own diamonds for reasons other than romance.

Plus, extravagant signs of wealth are at their peak during India’s wedding season. Weddings can go on for days, and include thousands of guests and private chartered planes, and over 70 types of food. The BBC’s Rahul Tandon reports that some Indian states are cracking down on what they say are ‘excessive’ affairs”

The Stigma of Great Wealth PDF

the anxieties of the wealthy
reasonable consumers
to stand out (from the rest)
obnoxious children
to flaunt sth
a need for status
to show off your wealth
to coin a term
conspicuous consumption
a gift market
the earning power
a trend towards sth
design-orientated jewellery
household income
a top/ bottom earner
high net worth families
morally worthy
to deserve wealth
to distance yourself from sth
be entitled
stay-at-home mothers
consuming dilettantes
be rooted in reality
to justify yourself
a turning point
to cut back on expenses
a credit crunch
go under the radar
to give money away
to live sober lifestyles
to flash bling
a lavish wedding
be put off by sth
be envious of sth
to parade your wealth
a backlash against sm

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash