The Witch Hunt Culture

This time a highly linguistically challenging episode on “The Witch-Hunt Culture”. (approx. 9 min)

Roger Scruton argues that political correctness, far from being the cure to our conflicts, is actually the ultimate source of them.
The “isms” and “phobias”, he says, have been used in order to “put some complex matters beyond discussion, so that only one perspective can be publicly confessed to”.
“In the world of political correctness”, he writes, “there is no presumption of innocence, but only a hunger for targets”.

‘The Witch Hunt Culture’

The Witch Hunt Culture PDF

to make a casual remark
a recipient of the prize
equally suited to a scientific career
be forced out of the position
an honorary professor
be reprimanded by sm
be hounded in the press
be subjected to a hate campaign
a deplorable episode
in punishment of sth
a thought crime
to put the blame on sm
to take account of sth
on the surface
to stand up for victims
to repudiate hierarchies
to take offence
to take sth out of context
to address an argument
the unquestionable righteousness
to expose sm to public humiliation
name-calling labels
to silence sm
to attract a charge
to preclude all discussion
to recast legitimate anxieties
to stir up fear
to put sth beyond discussion
to close the gap between
a presumption of innocence
a durable feature
to come to the surface
be torn apart
be stripped of protection
be cast out from the city
killed with impunity
to take revenge for sth
to give way to sth
to restore a threatened sense
in fear for sm’s life
to show a way out
be besieged by sth
to recourse to social resentment
to direct frustration
in the grip of political correctness
on the lookout for sm
every crime in the ledger
to consider propositions
to sift through our words
a concerned friend
to speak peaceably
to shrug off sth
to venerate truth