What happens to whistleblowers

How exposing the truth at work can cost you your career. Theo Leggett speaks to whistleblowers Ian Foxley and Bianca Goodson, both of whom found it impossible to get a new job after exposing wrongdoing at their respective employers. Psychotherapist David Morgan describes the emotional toll on those who choose to expose wrongdoing, and why the majority stay silent. And whistleblower lawyer Mary Inman, partner at the law firm Constantine Cannon, argues that companies need to start seeing whistleblowing as a help rather than a threat.


What happens to whistleblowers PDF

to delve into the world
to lash out at sm
to act on the information
offshore accounts
to dig around
damage to the career
too hot to handle
in the business terms
loyal to the company
ensuing loss of
charged with corruption
all walks of life
brazenly fraudulent
to speak out
an unwilling celebrity
to attract headlines
a public figure
by choice
to put a toll on the marriage
to say sth in your face
to rock the boat
an unblemished career
to underpin sth
to jeopardise sth
be lined with unfortunate stories
blacklisted for life
to call out wrongdoing
to turn a blind eye to sth
to put a career on the line
to make a stand
exploited labour
to blow the whistle on sm
to bring to light sth
to turn against sm
to side with the truth teller
abusive behaviour
to prove costly
in desperation
to offer little protection
to report internally
to sideline a career
be confronted with hard truth
snitch mentality
to address sth internally
to put a burden on sm
to retaliate
to reverse the burden of proof
to follow suit
to go public with sth
to go through a trauma
clear conscience
to live by the values

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash