Where there’s muck, there’s art

This time a truly challenging piece, expressed in eloquent and educated language.

“Sarah Dunant looks at the queasy relationship between art, finance and corruption.
Recent protests by the photographer Nan Goldin and others over “dirty money” have hit the headlines. But Sarah argues that without some of this rather dubious funding, the art world would look very different. “What do you want”, she asks. “A clean church and white walls? Because there’s no doubt that without all of this lamentable corruption we would not have many of the greatest works of art the world has ever seen.”


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A Point of View „Where there’s muck, there’s art”

to surge through the corridors
to mourn a failure as a species
human creativity at its purest
to shift continents
be home to works by …
a fake doctor’s prescription for ..
addiction claims lives
the spotlight is on sth
a potential for abuse
an instigator of a protest
immensely rich
to agitate sm
to reject a donation
to drop a donation
at the opening of the exhibition
to carve up the oil industry
a thorny relationship
be embedded in sth
be under threat
to suffer widespread cuts in budget
to foster a culture of philanthropy
to bring in extra revenue
to mount exhibitions
be honey to sponsorship
to soften a problematic corporate image
built on oil fortunes
smelting, mining
to run on water
to go through a recalibration in standards and sensibilities
a curator
pubescent girls
creeping censorship
the quizzical relationship
a tool of propaganda
to sell salvation
to run nepotistic papacy
a vow of celibacy
to get in the way of carnal pleasures
lamentable corruption
an apprentice
execrable taste in internal decoration
a sublime ceiling
mucky down here

Photo by Nevi Ayu E. on Unsplash