Six Little Words

This week a surprisingly short episode from a ex-columnist of the Financial Times – Lucy Kelloway.
Do not get misled by the length because linguistically speaking it is a fine piece of the narrative.

Why do we do what we do?
Can you give a plausible reason in six words?

Lucy Kellaway – Six little words and one very big question

six little words PDF

to set myself a theme
a word count
to nail sth
a tight word limit
out of bounds
to chew a pen
profound thinking
soul searching
mirth = fun
a cheesy slogan
to skim through
a real gem
sufficiently zen
to stand for sth
to tick a box
grim = gloomy
with zeal = enthusiasm
a runaway favourite
bilge = nonsense
to endorse the sentiment
to hint at sth
be at odds with …
daily vicissitudes
conveniently occlude
enduring questions
to deaden sth