Is the West really meritocratic?

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Is the West really meritocratic?

“We hear the arguments of leading US academic and author, Daniel Markovits, whose book The Meritocracy Trap argues that meritocracy in the United States and other Western free-market economies is a myth that fuels inequality.

Temba Maqubela, the head of The Groton School – one of America’s top private schools – outlines the role that elite establishments such as his could play in helping less advantaged students. Meanwhile Samina Khan, director of undergraduate admissions at Oxford University, says top universities like hers are working hard to target a more diverse range of applicants. Plus Kiruba Munusamy, an advocate at the Supreme Court of India, describes how a system of positive discrimination helped her get a top job despite India’s caste system.”

Bizdaily Meritocracy DOCX file

Bizdaily „Meritocracy Trap”

economic inequality
diversity of the backgrounds
to rise to the top
to promote talent and excellence
an enduring idea
to dismantle the middle class
an attribute
to give sm a fair shot
supposedly classless
to defraud testing agencies
document fabrication
to give sm a leg up
outrageous behaviour
to play by the rules
the score gap
to move up the social ladder
social mobility
to expand enrolment
to qualify on merit
be on scholarship
to raise the bar
to give preferential treatment
to designate a quota of places
be enshrined in the Constitution
disadvantaged backgrounds
have a tougher hill to climb
as a matter of social justice
to iron out sth
to come to terms with sth

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